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Brands that address the Five Gates of branding and meet the challenges head-on are more likely to enjoy sustained growth. Check out our latest thoughts on these challenges and our brand methodology.

1. Providing exactly what our customer needs.

Position: Your position is the foundation that will drive every key decision within your organization. Getting this part right is key.

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2. Creating a differentiated customer experience.

Offer: Brands aren’t products, but promises. Your brand is the value you offer to customers and what keeps them coming back.

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3. Understanding and growing our audience.

Audience: As a brand audience ages, their tastes evolve, and their needs change. Is your brand ready to move with them?

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4. Keeping a consistent voice across channels.

Message: A brand’s message must be consistent to matter. It must continually evolve or it will lose its relevance.

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5. Matching marketing efforts to business KPIs.

Delivery: This is where all of your work goes public. How and where will you connect with customers?

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